Missing Days

Day 7-09
Apple cider, kolache and banana. Cheese & crackers. Pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn, garlic buns.
Day 8-09
Apple cider, oatmeal and banana. Fries and chili. Sushi at Wasabi (caterpillar roll, crunchy roll, spicy tuna roll, teriyaki chicken stir fry, tempura sampler, gyoza, miso soup and coffee. No I didn't order all that myself.
Day 9-09
Oatmeal, banana and apple cider. Cheese and triscuits. Tacos. 13 km on Eyowen.

First Monday weigh-in shows 1 pound loss. Have to start on Ethel I guess.

My cross Canada is stalled in Winnipeg. I tried a new free program that is supposed to let you fly over online map services, putting the satellite images onto the 3d mesh in FS but it's far too blurry, nothing like the advertised pix, look here. I wish! Still trying to find the answers, at least I got it working, many don't.

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