Long Christmas Break

After a hectic day trying to tie up lots of loose ends I'm of until January 5th. This will be my longest break from work in years. Today I was doing deliveries, relining some shoes for a ship that has to sail, packing 3 skids of returns along with normal phone calls. It's not busy but I was. The day went by fast, just what you want on the last one before a long stretch of time off. Since I don't have to run around trying to find last minute Christmas gifts it will be a real relaxing couple of weeks.

I got an extra couple of games in at Neebing last night, young timekeepers are bailing on assignments at the last minute. AJ and Sal had a little miscommunication so we ended up running out of time. AJ had to be at Norwester school by 5:45 (we were just getting to the airport at 5:35) and I had to be at Neebing for 6:30. I hiked in from Highway 61 in lots of time but sweaty from my partial walk home from work and then the 3.5 km to the rink. I took off my inner layer and wind breaker, and then froze for 3 hours. Shivering keeps you awake on the clock. Had a great night without any problems and even helped a former Northwood coach avoid some serious suspension trouble.

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