It's Time

After our last place team lost a one goal game and their last shift was botched by some lazy reffing emails started pouring in as to how we could better run the clock. Most of the ideas have been tried and fail only because we can't be consistent and offer the same game format to every team during an afternoon. I suggested going to 3 ten minute periods with a 2 minute buzzer as LMHL runs novice. After hearing no further comments I posted the experiment would happen during last Saturday's games. Then the emails flooded in with some people thinking this was a step towards a more competitive structure. Undaunted by the negative we ran the experiment and by the end of the three game afternoon the response was overwhelming. Everyone loves stop time. Northwood stop time is officially out of the experimental phase. I think we could manage 3 twelve minute periods if people can get their skaters to the rink on time.

My 9 hour stint on the clock at Delaney was a long one. I've been doing mostly novice (7-8 year olds) games with lots of goals and few penalties. Friday I had peewee and bantam games which are full of penalties. Bantam games normally have a two man timekeeping team but for the tournament I was solo. I just about filled a page in a 15 goal bantam game. I was certainly glad to pop in the ear buds and hike home.

Tonight I have a meeting with Northwood coaches followed by a meeting of interested parents. I'm hoping to fill some positions and create a few committees to help run things. Not getting my hopes up but even if a dozen show I'll be pleased.

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