Not Much Is New

Yes I know I haven't been posting much lately. Been in the doldrums for a bit but starting to come out of it I think. I'm working every day this week and that has at least got me moving, walking to and from when possible. The sun is actually just getting ready to peek over the horizon as I make my way in so spring and biking can't be too far off. With all the ice on the roads and no studded tires I just don't want to risk it, heck even walking is treacherous.

Hockey was going well until an incident a week ago soured things a bit. An assistant coach and his former father-in-law got into a heated discussion in the dressing room with all the wide-eyed kids present. He had me convinced he was totally innocent for a while but upon further review, he was as much at fault. They both got a warning that they would be banned if anything else came up. The coach then sent an email about the 'safety' of the dressing rooms with so many people in them. He wanted to limit the people in the room to just one per player. My email got filtered and I never saw it until another coach let me read it on his Blackberry. Every other coach told him there was no way they would agree so I didn't even have to respond. He is out as far as I'm concerned.

Took Eyowen to the Gardens for a makeup game Thursday. Pretty cool on the way home but minimal traffic and ice. Just didn't feel like walking anymore that day.

Saw a funny one while timekeeping on Friday. Penalty shot. Midget player pushed the puck about 2 feet from the centre ice spot and then skates past it. Over, done. No you can't circle around and start over.

My flight across Canada will wrap up some time this weekend with a final landing, fingers crossed, in Victoria BC.

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