Timekeeping Blitz

Today was the last of 4 straight days working the clock. 7 games Friday, 6 more on Saturday, and 2 both Sunday and tonight. Friday was long and cold at First Nations Arena with help due to the distance of penalty doors. Saturday was tension filled with 2 games going to shootouts and the last going into 4 on 4 overtime. Sunday was pair of blowout peewee games and tonight some ho-hum novice games. Wednesday night I'll do my last 2 games of the season. Going to miss it, and the extra income. And I'm proud to say I had no major blunders through 17 games this weekend. Funny, I really missed the tension of the tournament games during the last few.

Work today was spent with another large shop job and I'm achy all over. One more full day then I'm off through Easter, hopefully I can wrap up most of the big job tomorrow. Small ones keep coming in and pulling me off the big bands, makes it tough to keep everything running and still trying to be off 3 days a week.

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