Still Got It

Just got home from a parents/players game and I felt really good out on the ice. I haven't skated since the Christmas Party. Helped one little guy get his first goal and never fell or got winded. I was a standout with the 5 and 6 year olds.

Saturday is our banquet and I think I'm almost ready. Picked up the yearbooks today, trophies and drinks on Saturday, a few hours to set up and do the presentations. Then the reunion after. It will be a long day.

I finished the big bands for Lakehead Marine this afternoon. Every one of the blind holes went back together perfectly. I spent a lot of time measuring, praying and drilling with my toes crossed. The shop has been as busy as it has been in a few years, and the profit is highest with ship work. Maybe things are slowly turning around and since I'm the only one doing the work in town, maybe we'll get through another tough year.

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