Where Am I Going Today?

A mixed up week as I keep having my schedule upended. We can't bring in more staff but we can change the schedule daily. It might be time to say something.

Brandyn is doing great at t-ball. He is hitting a ton. He likes the defensive part of the game only when the ball is hit to him. He rips all over the diamond trying to field the ball.

Sal has become a hit at Petries with the baking she brings every day I'm there. The gang really enjoys the snack as nobody really stops for lunch, they just grab something quick on the go. It's been super busy there. I put together a Felt X-City 5 today and it went very well. Two successful overhauls and one stubborn rear wheel that I partially destroyed. I called it a day after that one and asked Farzam to hold it until I could finish it properly.

Week 3/4
toast, banana, 2 coffee, lemon loaf, grapefruit juice, big salad, diet 7up and cranberry juice
Week 3/3
toast, banana, coffee, 2 granola bars, cheese and crackers, burger, sausage and pasta salad, diet 7up

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