Bikes, Boxes and Coffee

Mike has his bike, Rachel. He got her all together and then went for a ride to school. I guess I missed a loose couple of allen keys and the crank which is an eccentric slipped. He had Mel pick him up and as I was panicking and trying to find info on the web he had it fixed. I called Farz and he gave me quick instructions. I went over to Petrie's to eyeball a bike with the same setup but there were none on the floor. Mike has had her out again so I guess he fixed it, but I still want to understand how the thing works.

The map is Mike's route from home to work courtesy of  Google My Tracks on his Android phone. What I wouldn't give to do that ride every day. As you exit the 'burbs and ride straight west to the Bow Valley Pathway you get an eyefull of Rockies and then turn north and the downtown skyline rises 30km away.

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Rachel ready for the trip to Calgary
Sal got to use her cup holder on what's his name?

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