Doesn't Feel Like Hockey Season

I spent the morning at Petrie's pricing hockey equipment, a new experience. Now if there was just room to display it all.

I rotated my collection of bike parts a bit giving Eowyn and Molly different sets of handlebars. Just like having 2 new bikes. I'm still deciding what I want to work towards. I'm thinking a singlespeed 29er like the Felt Solo9.

I finally finished the Quest 2the West blog. A few things slipped through the cracks but it's done.

Northwood is sitting at 60% capacity. I may not even need a walk-in registration. One downer is our first day on the ice (wish I was there right now!) is the same day as the Caribou Charity Ride so that's probably not in the cards for me. Just too many things going on first day to spend it riding. Can't wait to see Ginko out on the ice. Wendy just called and Conquer the Dog is a no go also.

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