Live Painting Updates

9:59am - nooks, crannies and crevices of hallway cut in, Coldplay on the boombox and apparently I'm crabby
11:54am - half the living room edges cut and I know why I'm crabby, PMS or Painting Man Syndrome, John Mayer on the box
1:33pm - lunch break, Sal brought dim sum, just about done with the brushes, Payl Carrack supplying the distractions
2:29 - break out the rollers, finally some progress, Michael Buble crooning on the box
3:15pm - hallway now has one full coat, Train making the noise
3:54pm - two walls done, Crowded House on the box, running out of steam
4:41pm - another 30 minutes should finish coat 1, just can't wait to get up and do it all over again tomorrow
5:08pm - one gallon behr ultra & one coat done, Led Zep taking us home, time to clean up and chill for a bit

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