1st Day Hurdles

Brandyn made it through the biggest hurdle in a rookie's career, his first day on skates. He was falling frequently when I checked on him early but after a re-tightening of the laces he was staying on his feet. As for the rest of the day I collected over 50% of the registration fess and we had just 5 kids MIA so it went pretty well. Threatening phone calls and emails have already been delivered, it's so nice to have the leverage of a waiting list 20 kids strong.

I just finished my 'curriculum vitae' for the HNO manager's job and also signed in online for part-time postal worker. I got a good tip from a dad who got in recently so I wasted no time. Now that I've told the boss I'm looking, I feel kind of liberated.

AJ and I went to Curtis' stag last night. I just had dinner at the Keg and skipped the other entertainment. Curtis was poured home around midnight so he missed some of the activities as well. He won't miss his hangover.

first days on ice

on his way to a daze

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