Walking in the Rain

I thought it would a good idea to start walking a bit more as riding back and forth to work really doesn't provide enough of a workout. I certainly picked a fine day for a walk. Puddles and (sorry Mom) worms everywhere. I wore my rainsuit, so while dry from the outside I was wet from the inside. I got to work thinking I had a spare t-shirt here, nope just a fleece. I tried to dry the t-shirt but to no avail. Then I broke my reading glasses in half. I tried squinting at the monitor until about 9am then called Sal, sorry.

The Dodgers picked up their second city crown in 3 years last night on a drippy and cold night. Sal saw the lights on from Fort William Road so she went over and sat in the drizzle to catch the end of the 10-3 game. They played 2 best of 7 series and lost only once. Nice going.

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