Cruising the Net, Vol.1

walk:2.6km (Clapton-24 Nights)
2 coffee, Sal's breakfast scrambler, grapefruit juice, salad, diet 7up, apple crisp, cappuchino

I added a bunch of cd's to my hard drive and then to my phone last night. Having a chance to listen to tunes while I walk gets me out there every morning. I can still enjoy music I've been listening to since the 70's, but also have lots of newer stuff so I'm never stuck with repetition. For the days I'm off I added about a km, Saturday I just didn't feel like turning for home so I kept going. I'm going to get it to 3km tomorrow. I'm sure weighing in tomorrow will show zip for progress since I wasn't able to ignore the calls from the devils in the kitchen. May have to start wearing the headphones more often.

1st Installment, Cruising the Net
"holding a grudge is letting someone live rent free in your head"

These are not Bighorn sheep on the Buffalo Bill Dam in Cody Wyoming, so what are they?

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