Friday, I Think

walk:1.8 km
cycle:13 km
oatmeal, coffee, crackers and cheese, diet 7 up, wagon wheel, blueberry/brown sugar cookies, caneloni, diet 7up/rye

I had forgotten all about inventory today. Dave counted some yesterday and we finished before lunch today. It's not like the old days when everything had to be wiped from the computer, counted and put back in. I still hold to my opinion that as many mistakes were made putting all they info back in as were ever on the shelf. Shop jobs are still coming in daily with just one month til the move. Another waste as we won't have the room or equipment to keep it up.

This just in, 3G service on Mt. Everest...before Thunder Bay.

I was taking a shower after work and listening to AJ's new shower radio. The sports came on and announced that game 2 of the World Series was on tonight in San Fran. I thought 'that's normal, the sportscaster is a day behind'. Then came the weather forecast, cool tomorrow and sunny on Saturday. I know my schedule is messed up but isn't this Friday and Game 2 was Thursday?

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