The New Hawaii 5-0 is Just Bad

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2 pcs. toast, coffee, 2 gl. water, crackers, pasta and sauce, wedding cake, chocolate, 2 diet pepsi

The new Hawaii 5-0 looks good, lots of great shots of the islands and attractive actors but the story lines are so weak. In the epsiode that was the straw that broke this camel's back, a group of Serbs kidnap the inventor of a computer that can break into any system and are preparing to sell it to another group for a billion. They shut down air defences and radar allowing the buyers to land at a remote airport. Then the four members of 5-0 take them down. The Serbs who have been at war for decades, forgot to put guards outside the building. And this all happens in a day. Seriously? Seriously deleting this from the pvr. If you want a real cop show check out Detroit 1-8-7 or Blue Bloods.

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