October Arrrrrrrgh Part Deux

Walk:3km (Sting -Nothing Like the Sun)
2 cranberry/sunflower seed bread, cinnamon bun, 3 coffee, bbq chicken, caeser salad, corn bread, oven fries, jujubes, lemonade

After today's games every Northwood team has a win. Much better than last season when it was January before the last team got a W. I still don't think the teams are as balanced as they could be. Brandyn's team lost with 35 seconds left on a screened shot the goalie never saw. We lost a second year player that 'just isn't having fun' which is very strange at this point in the year.

It's pretty bad that while listening to bad elevator music playing as I was on hold with shaw cable, I was able to solve the mystery of captions on the tv with google searches. The solution is nowhere to be found in the manual and you can't turn it on or off with the remote but there they were for 2 hours. "Did you know Shaw video on demand brings you the latest movies with the click of a button?" That and 3 other looping commercials interspersed with the same easy listening piano piece that was anything but. ARRRRRGH. Hire a few humans.

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