Long Weekend of the Wrong Kind

This weekend should prove to be a long one as I have the HNO annual from 8am-5pm on Saturday and the again from 9-12 on Sunday. Follow that up with the LMHA annual on Monday. I have to decide if I want to continue with the secretary's position. Earlier I was thinking I want out but now I'm not sure. I have to make up my mind by Monday and this weekend will probably do it one way or the other.
LMHA appeared to be in turmoil but things have calmed somewhat and if the HNO meeting goes well I may hang in for another year. With Northwood commitments I have enough to do in my spare time but with the CPAP and the diet contributing to higher energy levels I may just take on the position one more time. I enjoy the work, the relationships and the organizing, being the go to guy in some cases where not having AA teams allows me to play Switzerland in the political wars of kids hockey. If nothing else they are an entertaining bunch.
The biggest concern for the other 6 members is losing AA teams due to a lack of kids. I gave the chair 1 idea, loser is the team on the bubble and he developed the idea. I threw in a points system, sort of a pain in the a** award. Points are awarded to an association whenever they bend or break the rules, get behind financially, miss deadlines etc. all divided by the number of teams in the association. The association with the most points is on the bubble if a team is lost. If that one gets voted in I'll be back for sure as I volunteered to administer and report on the whole thing. that would be a challenge.

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