New Gadget(s)

I have been looking for a good deal on a new phone and found one a few weeks back but just picked it up Monday. The Sony-Ericsson W810i does everything I want, cell phone, mp3 player, 2mpix digital camera, and a few options I didn't evn realize it had. An fm tuner, headphone with a switch for taking incoming calls, voice dialing and 1 gig of memory with a free 4 gigs on the way. Uploading music files is a snap though it takes a bit of time. The camera is not the best but it can take a simple snapshot or video for those times when I don't want to lug around the Olympus. The Dell sees the unit as just another usb mass storage device so I can even transfer files etc. It sure makes the walk home better as my Ipod shuffle has no control over how music is played and the 810i has full playlist views and can shuffle all tunes in memory or just play the album in original order. So far I love it. My new cell number is 472-2042.

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