Morning Morning Weigh-In X-44. For some reason the titles are not working here right now. I had to get off and on the beefometer 3 times to make sure but it didn't change. I guess that means I have to up my goal for August 23rd to X-60. The continual munching on carrots and grapes must be doing the trick.


Joan said...

Hi Ron,
Congratulations on your loss! We are so proud of you as we know how difficult it can be to stick to something with such determination.
Anytime you get a chance give us a call and Dad will b-b-q- an awsome fish dinner. We have been experimenting with recipes for fish and have a few great ones.

Hope to see you soon,
Keep up the exercise and take your vitamins -

Nina said...


You Rock, I am so proud of you!
You are doing fantastic.
Guess the next pair of pants I get for you will have to be another size smaller... or two or three!!

Keep it up!! Your going to surpass your 50 at 50!