Monday Morning Weigh-In X-46

This wasn't a great week weight wise but something to look forward to for the future. I managed to lose 2 even with 3 nights out to eat and a breakfast. Once I get where I want to be I may be able to stay there and eat somewhat normally, though what I'm eating now feels pretty comfortable. My Sunday bike ride went from Centennial Park through the trail to Trowbridge, down Hodder Ave. (weeee) around Boulevard Lake and back into Centennial. My trips back and forth to work seem like about 5 minutes now and my legs don't feel the ride unless I push it for a light or going up some of the hills around Boulevard. Next weekend I'm heading to the trails on the tree farm on the 25th side road. My goal is to ride to camp on my week off but I'll need a support crew if anyone is interested. I can't wait to hot the ice this winter for practices.
38 days to go til I hit 50 and 4 pounds left. Maybe this week...


bwkre said...

I think you'll make your 50 for 50. I'm heading out to the tree farm to run on Saturday.. maybe I'll see you there

Nina said...

I think you have to rename your goal 60 at 50, good job ron! Sorry i tried to tempt you with cheesecake this weekend, on the up note, i ate pretty liberally also, and lost 4 pounds so yahhoooo maybe i can eat normally also!

Keep it up your looking awesome!