Test Run Completed

I mapped out a 20 mile route which is about the distance to Sturgeon Bay Road, using Google Map's new distance measuring feature, I left at 7:20am and headed south through Westfort and then west out Rosslyn Road to the 20th Sideroad. I had planned to stop and have a drink every 5 miles but totally missed the first stop and ended up stopping at Holy Cross School for a drink. At first it felt like I was riding in quick sand and I kept looking for a low tire but things picked up after I turned on some music and let Zeppelin provide a beat to pedal to.
I never realized that Mapleward Road had so many hills, the climb was definitley the toughest section. Once I got to Oliver Road I called Sal, had a drink and an energy bar and then headed back east on Oliver road. I broke the rule I had set and upshifted into the highest gear range for more speed and thought I was cruising along quite nicely until some 30 year old passed me like I was sitting with the kickstand down. I arrived home at 9:50am with a sore butt but feeling great. The trip to camp is a definite go, I just have to pick a date.
Follow this link for a look at the route on Google maps.

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