B'Ridge Flies

Sal picked up the new ride for me and then swapped for the ole'CCM at FCD. I rode home and then after answering and sending a ton of emails took a ride over to the East End, checked out the minor playoffs and then headed for Mission Marsh. The baby flat out flies. Once you go through the gears and get into 24th you can ease back and just keep them going around and hold on. I thought the wind had changed on the way back and realized I was going fast enough to create a breeze no matter which way I was going. Where I need the smallest gears going up the bridges with the other tank, B'Ridge goes up easily with no downshifting on the front gears at all. May just have to take another run to camp to really see how fast she really is. WEEEEEEEE!

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Nina said...

I guess we're gonna have to start calling you Lance now!

Have a great Birthday Ron!

Wish we were home to help you celebrate!!!

All the Best!!!

Nina, Mike Sam and Nick!