Silver Harbour

After taking off my apnea mask at 4am I got up at 6:30 and had a few peaches and juice and then loaded up B'Ridge. The rack I got in Duluth works far better with her frame than it did with the CTC tank. I drove over to the corner of Arundel and Hodder and headed east on Lake Shore Drive. I thought I was over dressed but it was pretty cool for the first half hour or so. I stopped at Silver Harbour Conservation Area, about 11 miles from the car. I took some pictures, had some water and a vector bar, called Sal and then headed back. The return was a bit of a climb but I was warmed up and felt really good as the miles slipped by. Lakeshore has a fairly wide shoulder and little traffic early in the morning. I was very tired all afternoon but I'm sure that was because I took off the mask too early.
Details: start 7:30/Silver Harbour 8:30/return to start 9:45/total length 21.76 miles

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