Long Rides, Back on Track

After a week of cool wet weather combined with being away I decided to put in some long rides to try and get my weekly mileage back on track. Saturday I left at about 4:30 and headed west on Oliver Road planning to reverse one of my earlier routes. I got to Mapleward Road and kept on going to Twin City Crossroads and then south to Rosslyn Road. Turning back to the west with the wind finally at my back and kept a nice pace of about 24kph all the way to town. A total of 42km in about 2 1/2 hours.
Sunday I headed over to Boulevard and rode in the Terry Fox. The event is definitely a great cause but not meant for bikes. It's just "go" and the mass of walkers, joggers, runners, bladers and the occasional biker head off on the trail for the dam which bottles everybody up. The first lap was slow and I spent most of my time in the grass avoiding the crowd. It's too bad they can't have everybody on the trail going in the same direction as many pedestrians not in the event made a congested trail that much more confusing as they wandered about against the flow. I managed 7 laps in a 2 hour ride and then headed for Delaney arena to make sure the roof hadn't fallen in. For the day another 51 km. The cyclometer is a blessing.

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