The Ugly American

After another visit to Duluth I'm really sort of of po'd by the attitude there. Canadians are not 100% responsible for the things that they have there but you have to admit that the millions we have spent there over the last 25 years or so must have been a major source of the funds required to build the infrastructure upgrades, the waterfront, the malls etc. Go ahead and whip out your colourful (yes I spelt it right on purpose) Canuck cash and see what kind of reaction you get. You might as well rob the kid's Monopoly game and try to go on a shopping spree with that.
Not only do they not accept it, when you ask they turn their noses up about it. I'd love to see the merchants in Thunder Bay tell the few Yanks that will come here now that their not so mighty greenback is teetering, "sorry we can't take that". At least we would be polite about it. Too bad our economy won't allow us to be picky about the cash we get.
Note: the bank in Miller Mall charged 10% to exchange, you get a better rate at Ryden's

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