CeCelia M. Hits the Road

Man was it cooool this morning, -3. I wore a head band for the first time and it helped keep the ears warm but made my helmet awfully tight. I guess a toque is next, stick to the sidewalks and go slow at least in the dark. I ran B'Ridge over to Petries at lunch to talk over the fixup on CeCelia M. We decided to go with a singlespeed freewheel rather than a coaster brake as that is pretty restrictive. Farzum said he could have her ready at the end of the day he just needed a tire, so I zipped home slung it over my shoulder, grabbed a banana and headed back for the drop off and then to work. I rode back at 5 in a steady rain and swapped bikes, B'Ridge needs adjusting again. The cables stretch and the gears start burping and farting, not good when you stand up to get some speed. I rode CeCelia M. home and I'm not sure I like the gearing as its pretty easy to pump and can't go very fast, I can still add a link or two and move up one on the front, we'll see in a day or two. A set of grips and bar ends and she was ready to go so B'Ridge can stay out of the rain and I have something I'm not worried about locking up and leaving for a bit. Switched over the lights and she's ready for the rest of the week as AJ is heading south for the Van Halen concert in the Monte, lucky s.o.b.

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