Riding Singlespeed

I've done a lot of web reading on the joys and pitfalls of getting rid of the gears and riding a singlespeed. I have to admit I love it. It is really a different experience. Not having to shift (or not being able to) really gets the mind back on just pedalling. The bike is 18 years old and I was looking forward to every ride today, like having a new bike again. I'm going to try and put a link or 2 in the chain and move to the bigger (harder) crank gear and see how that goes, sometimes I feel pretty silly pumping like mad and not going very fast. I want to have to stand to get her moving and be able to get up some more speed and achieve the better workout. I still remember the black single I had as a kid with "Ron's Taxi' painted on the chainguard, I used to be great at double riding my buddies.
There are a lot of little sayings regarding singlespeeds thrown around the web on blogs and forums, but I like mine best, simplicity is bliss.

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