Singlespeed Update

I rode to Petries at lunch and Farzum changed up the front gear to the larger 48 tooth, although reluctantly. He doesn't think pushing harder is necessarily better but I need just a bit more quickness. I was able to go from a dead stop to full speed in about 10 revolutions before but now I have to take 3 hard stokes in a stand and then settle in for the ride. I rode over to Mission Marsh mostly to see how I could handle the bridges and I was able to go up fast while standing on the way there and even topped both from the saddle on the way home. I can't explain what it is but I can't get enough of the new/old girl. I think maybe when you have 24 gears to play with the ride is whatever you want it to be, fast or slow, relaxed or punishing. With the singlespeed the ride is what it is, if its windy you'll be slow, downhill a bit faster. The conditions determine how hard you have to work to get there, the bike never changes. Anyway I love it.

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