Monday Morning Weigh-In X-75

Only a couple of pounds this week but a bit of a milestone I guess. I went to Mom and Dad's Sunday for a very relaxing supper and a bit of a ride on CeCelia M., though the ski trails I tried at Mink Mountain were too grown over and wet to move her butt through. Still got in a ride around the camp road there and then one with Dad to the end of Margaret St. and then a couple quick ones. A very mellow day with all that has gone on, no hockey to worry bout. It was good to see Wendy and Brian even if only briefly. My miles for the week were approximately 50, the cyclometer is on B'Ridge and I haven't even gone to pick her up yet. I hope the weather holds like last winter, no snow or real cold until after Christmas. Well maybe snow on Christmas Eve would be okay.

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