Monday Morning Weigh-In X-73

What's the dumbest thing you can do after losing 75 lbs. You got it, slack off. I never missed a single ride to work last week but I guess I must have been cheating a bit in the intake department. I started the '24' plan on Sunday. I've been renting the first season episodes of the show and watching one every morning since Sunday while riding the e-bike. At least its not too boring. I picked up my grandfather's treadmill on Saturday but other than test it I haven't tried that seriously as yet. Once the snow piles up and I can't ride to work I'll take a walk on it every night. So far the cold weather gear I grabbed last week is working beautifully. I have ridden to work and home for lunch every day this week and haven't frozen yet. I'm hoping for the end of November but if this first snow is any indicator that might not materialize. The cold weather rides are very invigorating but safety will eventually be the issue. I feel great after riding especially into the wind. CeCelia makes it a great workout. She got a new rear fender so I can ride a bit quicker in the slop and not get wet pants. Anyway the 2 lbs. are gone back to wherever it is they go. I'll be damned if I'm going to let this slide now.

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