Monday Morning Weigh-In X-77

Well I got back on track this week, I hate losing ground! The '24' program is going very well, I missed only once this week but had a 24 (npi) hour flu bug so I'll take a pass on that one. I got B'Ridge out on Sunday after an hour on the ice with the anklebiters and some grocery and SOCK shopping. (I bought the ugliest socks I could find so that maybe I can actually have some to wear!) After Sal left for work I changed into my riding shorts and dragged B'Ridge out of the basement and headed west on the bike paths with a thought of beating her to work. I got there in 45 minutes, fixed her cash register and then pounded all the way home in another 45 minutes. After riding CeCelia M. for 6 weeks the Marin absolutely flew, felt like the Gary Fisher back in August. Once I got her going I never even shifted, went 40km singlespeed. My legs felt incredible, my butt not so much.

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