Cecelia Rides Again

With the temp at 0 today I just couldn't resist taking another ride. Cecelia and I headed over the bridge and ended up at Mission Marsh. Once I tackled the soft snow on the way up the East End bridge the rest of the way was wet pavement. Pedalling through soft snow is tough and she gets very unstable. Going up the bridge was tricky. If you hit it too hard the back wheel slips and too slow and you bog. The bridge to the island was clear and I was able to get in some out of the saddle pounding which felt really good. Turn your head sideways and check out my first Youtube video, shot with my SonyEricsson phone on a tether around my neck. It jumps while I'm pedalling but smoothes out a bit on the way down the bridge. Hear those tires hummin'..?

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rak said...

Thanks Ron, now I have a crick in my neck!!! Hope it goes away before our tee time tomorrow!

As you can see we are having a lazy day and I have no glass to work with or beads to make jewelry so I have some time for looking at your super blog!
Mom in Florida (not meaning to rub it in but it is 75 F today)