A Good Day

It's been over a week and today was 'get the stitches out' day. That also meant having a real shower and putting in a real workout with sweat and everything. It all felt great, except for the stitches.
The girls all got new saddles, Bridget has a Brooks B17 leather (pic) which is supposed to take the shape of your butt and although not cushy (ask AJ) it will provide the best ride once broken in. Eyowen will get the hand-me-down WTB saddle. The pedals will be next as the Time Atac Z clipless are waiting for a 15mm wrench for installation on Bridget and then hers will go to Eyowen. If I could only find another saddle for Ethel, don't tell her or she'll do something real nasty to my butt!

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Jen said...

Come on, where's the shower cap pic?! ha ha ha ha