Monday Morning Weigh-In X-80

I've made it back to 80 and hope that the next few weeks get me over this plateau. My daily workouts have become somewhat of a regular part of the day and I'm finding ways to make them go by. Racing the treadmill to beat a mile in less than 20 minutes or pedaling hard for a time then easy for the same length then hard for 30 seconds longer and so on. I've made it through the Lord of the Rings (yes again) movies and am now watching the 8 dvds of the making of the movie which are very interesting.
Sal collected $225 from teams at a bonspiel on Friday for the Ride and now that the article hit the paper I sent out emails to friends and sports contacts. A few people responded over the weekend. I'm up over 25% of the $5000 goal I set so I'm optimistic that by June I'll get there.
I threw a few of the parts destined for Eyowen onto Cecelia just to check the fit (so far everything I ordered works) and really wanted to take her out but -25 is a bit cold. I'll get some pix up later, she looks really great. I made a bike stand out of 1/2" black pipe from some plans on a site called 'Instructables' and it worked out pretty well and cost less than a third of a real stand. Makes putting on parts and adjustments much easier. At least I don't have my girls in the living room like the one in the picture! Not yet anyway.

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