February Mileage

I just finished 15 miles on Ethel to get within a mile of my goal. My butt must be getting tougher because I can still sit down to write his post. I'm going to be away for 4 day weekends twice in March so I have kept my goal manageable. The weather has been tough today as I was all pumped to ride outside as I have all week but then...snow. Warm but too much snow for me with all the ice hidden under it. The first events for the cycling club come up in April so I want to build for that. I'm not sure how anything works but am looking forward to it. It will be good to see how I stack up against the other entries in the 'masters' class, that's the 50+ gang.
Treadmill: 19 miles
Cecelia: 49 miles
Molly: 10 miles
Ethel: 201.2 miles
Total: 279.2 miles
Weight +/-:-6
March goal: 350 miles, 4 pounds

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