Monday Morning Weigh-In X-86

Yes it's that time of the week again, Monday morning. Oh boy! I hit the scale after a mile on the treadmill and was ok with another pound. It was a bit cool this morning so I waited for lunch and then decided to ride back to work. Cecelia was thrilled to get out again. We took the long way home heading north from work up to John St. and then Oliver through LU and the (icy) bike path. The sidewalks along the west side of Memorial were a mix of sand, ice, slush and water. Slow going and very demanding on the balance. The slower you go the harder it is to keep everything in line and moving. I feel so good on Cecelia, I could just keep on going when I hit a dry stretch. The round trip ended up being almost 9 miles so if I can do that every day it will really help. As a bonus all I wanted for supper was salad, can't ruin a good ride now can we? Gotta go, I need a few extra miles today if I'm going to hit my goal of 280 for the month.

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