First Ride with TBCC

Bridget came to work this morning on the back of the Monte, after dropping off trophies we headed out 61 to the Neebing Roadhouse to join in the first group ride of the Thunder Bay Cycling Club. As I expected Bridget was one of 2 mountain bikes in with all the road machines. About 20 riders headed out on 61 headed west in a loop that took us through Stanley. In all we rode 30 miles in 2 hours so the pace was a bit tough and though I kept up for about 23 miles I came back alone. My legs were cramping just a bit so I couldn't push hard enough to keep up the pace. Bridget's tires and overall weight (along with mine) just are not cut out for keeping pace with the 'weight weenies'. I was coaxed to get right into the group where it is easier to ride in the slipstream but had lots of trouble matching the pace, they ride differently than I am used to. I like to get a jump on the hills right at the bottom and I found myself braking at times going up the hills as I got too close to the bikes in front of me. All in all I enjoyed the ride and with a more suitable ride, sorry Bridget, it would have been a lot more enjoyable.

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