Catching Up, X-84

The only thing wrong with 2 weekends away is trying to catch up with everything that you didn't do while you were away. Tonight was a brief discipline hearing for LMHA and then endless phone calls and emails. I think I got them all done. I have 2 events coming up, the NHL banquet and the Cooking Demo for the Conquer Cancer Ride and I think I have everything in order for those. Collecting the trophies has been a big pain.
Our weekend at Mink Mountain was very restful and relaxing. My back feels great after sitting in the hot tub and it that was even better as Sal joined me a few times this year. The snow put riding on the back burner but I did get in 14 miles on Saturday and Bridget felt great with the new Brooks leather saddle and Ergon grips. The saddle looks very uncomfortable as it has absolutely zero padding, but I can honestly say it is the best my butt has felt after 2 hours of riding, as advertised it just 'disappears underneath you'.
I won't make my target mileage for the month but I'm getting out as much as I can. I should have known that 2 weekends away would prevent hitting 350 miles and then my back just ended all hope.
Watch for Sal's new blog, foodfor100.blogspot.com
As usual, she prepared enough food for our Easter brunch to feed an army. I brought her to the fridge on Monday morning as we were packing up all the leftovers and asked, how many people came out? How many did you expect? I'm going to put her recipes online in a blog so she can share them. The X-84 I saw on Tuesday was pretty much expected. I knew I was lost when the goodies started calling my name. I'm back on the wagon but definitely lost some ground over the last 2 weeks.
Finally you might have noticed my Conquer Cancer donations have gone over the required $2500 mark and I want to thank everybody for getting me there, I can now officially ride in June.

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