The Rest of the Story, X-88

Sunday dawned and the snow followed me to Calgary. It was dull and gray. We headed out for breakfast and decided on Humpty's. I haven't had a scrambler in 2 years so that was a treat. A hockey team of 10 year olds came in and sat next to us. Here's a hint. When little Johnny asks for a milkshake with his breakfast, just say yes. If you don't he'll make his own with coffee creamers and sugar, yumm yumm.
We drove down town . There sure is lots of construction going on. We had to get within a few miles just to see the skyline so Banff was just not going to happen. The sun did finally make its way through the clouds but it was already mid-afternoon. We strolled through a few malls and then went back to the apartment and played some x-box and watched hockey. We went across town to Amici's, a small Italian restaurant that was very good. The evening flew by and before I knew it Mel and I were headed to the airport for the flight home.
The flight was quick and painless, if only I could say that about the hours after landing. I drove Sal to work and as we pulled into the parking lot the Monte started buzzing. I checked under the hood and was pretty sure the alternator was gone. I gambled and headed back to town and made it to a shop by 4:15. Yep alternator. Of course we didn't have it on the shelf so I had one picked up at the competition. It was all apart and ready to go when the wrong part showed up. I found another but it was too late to get done. So I grabbed a ride to work and as I lifted my laptop bag from the trunk and hefted it to my shoulder my back went. With searing pain and wobbly knees, I dragged my suitcase and bag out and then took one of the small Toyotas home in agony. I didn't even unpack until the following evening as I could not lift the suitcase to open it. I then had to drive out and pick up Sal in the Toyota before I could get any serious meds. I spent Tuesday on my back with a heating pad and Robaxacet dulling the pain. Its a lot better today but still gives a little reminder twinge now and again. Hopefully some hours in the hot tub and on the bike this weekend will make things better.
I managed to climb the scale on Tuesday and it read -90, but I didn't want another of those midweek readings to fool me again. I weighed in this morning at X-88 so at least straying from the stricter diet didn't cause me any loss of progress.

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