Off to Calgary

After a 7:30 meeting it was check out time and off to West Edmonton to find something for my hard-working, left-at-home, stuck-with-my-car, better half. I won't spoil the surprise but I hope she'll like it.
The mall is simply insane, the wife and son of the couple we met at the dinner last night spent a week there in the water park, rides, and other attractions. But at least I found something.
There was about 4 inches of snow in Edmonton last night which made the roads a mess but it dried up before we hit Red Deer, about halfway to Calgary. I got to check out a huge bike shop and picked up something for keeping my chain tight on the singles but avoided anything big. Not sure if the weather is going to clear for tomorrow but the fingers and toes will all be crossed tonight. We just finished some steaks from the new bbq and are off to play rock band. Hopefully eviction for noise is not pending.

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