Show Day

Day 2 got off to a better start. As I was having breakfast our rep came by, grabbed the tab and arranged a ride to the warehouse which is only a mile and a bit from the hotel. It was a very interesting tour. The warehouse is simply huge. As I poked around there was constant tooting of the horns of the small lift trucks zipping around the aisles. Parts are stacked up to about 30 feet, the drivers all carry scanners and some are hooked onto the lift trucks because of the height they get up to. Parts are grouped together but not numerically so the scanner is aimed at the paperwork and then gives the location of the part, once picked the scanner picks up the bar code on the actual part and is logged into the order. Everything then gathers in a boxing area all divided into the various destinations. I got lots of pix for Dave, he'll be amazed.
I decided to walk back to the hotel and once warmed up I felt like a ride so I checked out the Athletic Club next door and hotel guests are free to use the facilities. Rode on Ethel's great grand-daughter for 50 minutes and headed for a shower before lunch. Lunch was provided and pretty simple, glad I had a big breakfast. There was a 45 minute talk by the head trainer regarding what's new in vehicles, the theme of the show was supposed to be strictly whats new for us to purchase. He started it out with a video of what people thought we would be driving by the turn of the century, the intro to the Jetsons. Lots of computer goodies coming in the new vehicles and Mr. Gates has his fingers into the automotive mix now. Microsoft is using the same strategy they have employed with pcs for years, giving away the operating system to the manufacturers. I guess that went pretty well on that platform.
The show floor opened and off we went. Lots of the people I talked to were disappointed with what was presented but maybe because I haven't been to one since about 1990 it was interesting for me. I spoke to most of the companies we sell and a few new ones, got a few ideas and saw a few things that might get us somewhere. Before I knew it the afternoon was gone.
I called Mike and told him I had another ticket for the Dinner Theater which is also located in the hotel. Our tables weren't together so they didn't want to go but after some reassurance from our rep we decided to go. They arranged for us to sit together and we enjoyed the evening. The buffet was great, lots of selection and everything I tried was very good. The show was pretty good, very loud and seemed a bit overacted to me. We sat with a couple who just got into the buying group from Sioux Lookout. Very nice, friendly and funny. Mike and Mel had a good time I think.
The day ended with a quick session on Messenger with Sal. Here I was enjoying dinner and a show and she got home around 1am to have breakfast/lunch/supper and sit down for the first time in 12 hours. I felt kind of guilty. Have to find her something nice to bring home.

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