Monday Morning Weigh-In 235, X-90

I've been bouncing around between 240 and 235 for a bit now but the last few days seem to have settled on the low end. My goal is to get to 225 (X-100) before we leave for Toronto in roughly 2 months time. With the riding I'll have to be doing this shouldn't be hard to reach. My mileage is still on track at 330 for the month after 3 weeks so even if it rains some I should get the 400 I set.
I took a quick 23 mile trip yesterday to the Sturgeon Bay turnoff on Jill with the new shoes and so far have managed to stay out of trouble with them. I tried Molly on the commute today and she can really motor for a single speed. Of the lot she seems to have the best balance as I can ride her no hands forever. Still no pix but I'll get some up soon.

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