The New Molly

The more I ride Molly the more I like her. We went over to Mission Marsh after supper then came home to make some slight changes and the difference in the comfort was immediate. None of the other bikes accelerate like Molly. With the direct drivetrain when you push hard the results are right there. The narrow bars have taken a bit to get used to but feel pretty good now. I love her simple looks and the ride on the all steel frame is very quiet and smooth.
I'm in my first race on Sunday out on Hazelwood Lake Road with the Black Sheep Mountain Bike Club. It's only 21 km so I'll need to do a long ride Saturday. I'm not sure I'll ever fit in with the Thunder Bay Cycling Club but the events the Black Sheep have planned look like fun. They have a cross country series that I'll be in along with fun events and some downhill at Mt. McKay which I might volunteer to help with as I don't really want to go that fast and literally fly on a bike.

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