Anniversary of the Orange Guy

Tomorrow marks one year from the first ride I took last year on Cecelia. I was looking back and my comment about the 2 mile ride was simply 'wobbly legs'. I weighed in this morning and was happy to see progress after 7 days on the old plan, 233 or X-92. I wish I had gone back to blogging my daily intake earlier, I might have gotten down 100 pounds in a year.
Not that I have stopped worrying about things completely but I'm over the lack of confidence I was feeling earlier in the week. Cold feet? Maybe. Whatever it was I just won't let it get to me like it did. I guess I should have kept my feelings to myself until it passed, sorry about that.


Jen said...

Glad your confidence is back! The whole point of a blog is to get things out, you shouldn't have to say you're sorry for anything.

bwkre said...

Hey sometimes it's good to vent. It helps sort things out. You're doing fantastic.