Riding with Company

I approached Tom Petrie last weekend about whether anyone had ever run a group ride from the shop. They had done it years before but nothing lately. Most of the shops on the net have rides on a set night every week and since it gets a bit lonely riding solo every night I said I'd post something on the wall at the shop.
We went out last night, Tom and his wife Carolyn and I. Not much of a turn out but the ride was enjoyable. We ended up doing 15 miles and just having someone to talk to was a great change. The rides with the clubs are mostly competitive so it's tough to carry on a conversation.
Before we rode I was talking to Farzum and he over inflated a tire to about 120 psi and it blew the tube, sounded like a gunshot and the young apprentice said he wet himself.
Speaking of competition, my first mountain bike race with Black Sheep was far better than I had thought. I ended up 9th out of 15 in the Sport Class. Not bad for an old guy. I didn't see too many others even in the 40's so I felt pretty good when the results were posted. Last weekend I stayed with the lead group for 18 miles out in Stanley but it was more of a fun ride than a race. 34.5 mph downhill around a corner on gravel is so much fun, almost as much fun as 2 mph up a hill when Bridget couldn't find granny.

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