Another Rainy Day in TO

Same country, same province, same weather but might as well be another world. The car was in Kensington Market which is blocks of old homes turned into shops selling just about anything. We had lunch in Chinatown again, spent a whopping $10 and that included dessert for supper. We picked up supper and carried it the 2km back to the hotel.
This morning I visited a long time supplier from work and spent 45 minutes touring what's left of the plant, most of it has moved to Mexico. I've known Bob for just about 30 years and it was just good to get to see him for the hour.
Well tomorrow everything for the Ride gets started with bike check-in. Sal has to be there for 2:30 so I'm planning a long overdue ride along the lakefront while I wait to sign in. There have been several emails from the organizers adding things we should be doing and bringing, a bit inconvenient at this point but we are managing. It's a good thing we brought the laptop. 8 provinces and 16 states are represented in the ride so there should be a wide variety of cyclist and bikes. It will be good to get going even if the forecast for showers is accurate.

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