First Full Day in Toronto

We headed over to Chinatown with Betty June and Gary Cooper who are just ending their stay in Toronto and staying in the same hotel. We had some fun trying to park but the GPS did its job. I discovered it has a pedestrian mode so I parked, switched and hoofed it directly to the restaurant where I had left the gang. We had Dim Sum at the Forestview and got a great meal for less than $35 for all of us. We browsed around the small shops and then went for coffee and sat out the afternoon shower at Timmy's. I zipped back to the truck, used my own navigation to over-rule the GPS and then picked everyone up and got back to the hotel after turning left onto Yonge at 3:45 from a side street. I thought the unit was punishing me for ignoring it earlier but it ended up being right on this time and we got back in no time. You really have to watch the bike traffic down here as they are zipping in and out all over. Most wearing only a smile on their heads.
We walked over to the Princess Margaret after supper just for a look.
Stay tuned...

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