Back to the Laser

After being frustrated with my HP inkjet once again I decided to scrap it and get a laser printer. Picked up a Canon MF4150 at Future Shop, scanner, copier, fax and duplex printer. Real fast and no more damn ink to get dried out. I spent more time cleaning the HP than printing I'm sure.
I found a neat little add-on for Firefox yesterday, Firefly. It's a file manager that runs right in the browser. I'm planning on a clean up and reinstall of XP soon so it will be nice to have around as I'll probably not be able to update Power Desk.
Jill and I took a nice 3 hour ride out through Mountain Road, 61, 130, Stanley and in on 17. I really love River Road along the Kam at Stanley. Nice smooth pavement and a gradual descent with a host of small farms along the river valley. Very peaceful and serene. Other than the speedometer sputtering and then stopping completely only to start up again on its own, everything was great.

July miles:342
07-20, Jill:40 miles
07-18, Molly:5 miles
07-18, Jill:9 miles

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