First Time on the Links

Mike, AJ and I got out to Northern Lights for a quick 9 holes on the par 3 tonight. I was actually hitting the ball pretty well and took 4 holes in the Skins we played. I was putting, chipping and pitching far better than I should have.
I discovered something that would have made my ride in Toronto much more comfortable, take the visor off the helmet. With Molly's new lower bars I found my neck getting sore when I rode as I was on longer rides on Jill. After Day 1 at the Conquer Cancer it was very stiff despite frequent head twisting and shoulder moving. The visor on the helmet forced me to lift my head just that little bit extra to see ahead and without it I'm much more comfy. The helmet looks a bit more nerdy but it works. The 40 miles last Sunday came with no neck stiffness at all, worth remembering for next year. Yes, I'm seriously considering registering for the ride in 2009.
I went to a meeting for the Active Transportation initiative the city is putting together. They asked people who attended the Open House a few weeks back to take a series of routes to test out and comment on. Hopefully this will eventually see some progress towards making Thunder Bay more bike friendly.

July miles:392 miles
07-24, Bridget:8 miles
07-23, Bridget:16 miles
07-22, Molly:20 miles
07-21, Molly:16 miles

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