Last Time on the Links?

Mike and I met Mom and Dad at Northern Lights early Sunday morning for another adventure on the links. I got off to a good start on the first tee but by the 5th hole I was all over the place and even whiffed completely more than once. Not picking up a club and then trying to 'play' is not the best idea. I called Sal and had her rescue me before the back nine. Mom and Dad have improved so much they could both whip my butt with ease now. Mike just goofs around but if he ever seriously got into it he could be something. He can hit the ball a mile. Sometimes it's a mile in the bush but with some work he could get very good.
We went to Ralph and Susan's (Mel's parents) for a bbq Sunday as Mel got in and Mike left today. There was lots to eat and the kids had a ball swimming.
Monday was dinner with Kev and Sue who are in town for a wedding and some vacation. Kev was hoping to hit the links as the girls are busy tonight, I'm hoping for rain. I'm not ready to get back on that pony just yet.

July miles:437 miles
07-25, Bridget:16 miles
07-26, Bridget:11 miles
07-27, Bridget:2 miles
07-28, Bridget:16 miles

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